ARCards APP Privacy Policy

PBS Publishing ARCards Privacy Policy

PBS Publishing apps, ARCards ABC and ARCards XYZ,  are augmented reality apps that make flashcards come to life. ARCards are designed to make learning fun. PBS Publishing does not collect or store any personal information about the user or record the location of the user.

The apps need access to your device camera and files for the software to scan and recognize the images on the cards. The device will then play videos and audio fun facts about the images. That is all it is doing.

Although our App software has the ability to collect your Android Device ID and Advertising ID we do not collect this data and we do not use it for any purpose. No collection of info, no advertisements and no solicitations take place. By using this app you understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated in this Privacy Policy. This policy may be updated in the future so please check back later. PBS Publishing will not sell or use any information we have on any user without their permission.

Updated 1-23-22

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